Business Interruption Insurance Claim

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Business Interruption Insurance covers businesses for potential loss of income in periods when they are unable to trade due to unforseen events. Insurance companies were refusing to pay out due to COVID-19.

The FCA have appealed this va the courts and overturned the insurance companies decisions. However, most insurers are still being diffucult or refusing to pay out.

If you have suffered catastrophic losses and your insurer is refusing to pay out or even disputing the amount - contact us now and our lawyers will determine your claim and assist you in getting fair compensation which in many cases may save the business.

The FCA believe insurers should be liable for paying out on business interruption claims caused by the pandemic and subsequent governments lockdowns.

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  • We work on a "no-win, no-fee" basis - so no cost or risk to you.
  • We negotiate with the insurers to maximise claims and speed of payment.
  • If insurers don't co-operate we can issue court proceedings to obtain settlements on your behalf.

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