Cohabitation Agreements

The reality is that more and more couples are choosing to live together before they marry.

In addition, more and more couples are entering into a second relationship following the breakdown of a marriage or previous relationship.

Cohabitation Agreement may prove to be an important document and ease potential stress, anxiety and expense should the relationship sadly break down in the future.

We recognise that many couples find this a difficult subject to broach at a time when the exciting decision is being made to live together. However, in our experience a little bit of time discussing matters at the outset and reaching an amicable agreement could save considerable time, and future anxiety and stress.

Amongst other things a Cohabitation Agreement could cover issues such as:

  • ownership of property
  • ownership of other assets
  • how assets will be divided in the event of a relationship breakdown
  • protection of previously owned or inherited assets
  • responsibility for bills or other contributions towards the home or another asset

Cohabitation Agreement can be drafted and adapted to meet each party's individual needs.

In order to ensure that they are binding it is important that a Cohabitation Agreement is drafted correctly. At Paul Ireland solicitors we have years of experience in this at times complex area.

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