As solicitors who specialise exclusively in divorce, separations and family related matters, we know what a stressful and difficult time this can be.

Our aim is to ensure that the pressures and stresses are relieved with our expert, professional advice and experience.

As a client you will receive effective and efficient results in the minimum possible time and at an affordable expense.

It is important that you have confidence in your solicitor and trust in what they are doing. We believe that when you deal with Paul Ireland Solicitors that you will immediately feel confident and comfortable with us and in what we do.

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We provide specialist advice and assistance and support in all aspects of divorce and family work. Putting it simply "it is what we can do for you."

We are specialists and vastly experienced in what we do and can help you with:

    • Starting a divorce
    • Understanding the grounds for divorce
    • Financial issues in a divorce
    • Pension issues as a result of divorce
    • The impact on a business as a result of a divorce


The Grounds for Divorce

Very often a client will ask us whether it is possible to divorce their spouse on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.” The simple answer is NO.

This is not a ground for divorce and is a myth created by the media who often use the term “irreconcilable differences” in articles describing a celebrity divorce.

Despite many peoples thoughts there is in fact only one ground for divorce and that is that your marriage has broken down irretrieviably.

However, it is necessary to establish one or more of five facts in support of any petition for divorce.

The Five Facts

The five facts in support of divorce are as follows:

  • Adultery
  • One parties unreasonable behaviour
  • If you have been separated for 2 years and you both agree to a divorce
  • One party has deserted the other by leaving the family home for over 2 years.
  • You have been separated for 5 years

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