Fixed Fee packages

Clients want a high level of service at a fair and reasonable cost. At Paul Ireland Solicitors we offer our clients a fixed fee/price option which meets ALL of our clients needs.

Our fixed price advice and services have been designed to ensure that our clients know what they are paying and how much they are paying. They allow our clients to:

  • Identify what work is needed
  • Agree an action plan
  • Agree a fixed price for that action plan

We are able to provide:

  • Fixed fee divorce for £599 + VAT = £718.80*
  • Fixed fee appointments from £75 + VAT = £90
  • Preparing court documents from £100 + VAT = £120
  • Pre-nuptial or separation agreements
  • Change of name deeds

We recognise that an attendance at court can be a daunting prospect for any person. Paul ireland Solicitors offer a package that enables us to attend court on your behalf - even if we have not been originally involved in the case. This package includes:

  • An initial attendance with you to discuss your case
  • Consideration of the papers
  • Drafting of any documents required for a hearing
  • An attendance at the hearing on your behalf
  • A detailed report after the hearing with advice as to what further steps you should take

We tailor our services to meet your needs. We can devise an individual package just for you to help you with your case. 
Do not be afraid to ask.

* Terms and Conditions apply

Fixed Fee Divorce - for more information click here.

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